Dr. Ronald Lee Cobb
World Class Help at Reasonable Rates 
Hope, Help, Health (HHH)was founded by Dr. Ronald Lee Cobb in Jackson County, Kansas to help those persons struggling with substance abuse issues and to help family members, employees, and friends who are struggling with substance abuse issues in their homes, places of employment, friendships, schools, or neighborhoods.

HHH offers assessments, outpatient therapy, and intensive outpatient therapy. If you or a family member is having difficulty with issues around alcohol, cocaine, meth-amphetamine, marijuana or other substance abuse issues, contact Hope, Help, Health today.

Dr. Cobb is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 785.305.0549 to his patients and to the public. He also can be reached on-line at drronaldleecobb@prodigy.net.

World class addicton recovery phone counseling or Email counseling are also available for moderate fees.

Prior to your first visit, print this 22-question self-test which will help you to become aware of your use or abuse of alcohol. Answer all the questions and bring it with you to your first visit with Dr. Cobb.

Free addiction recovery handouts are located on this site in PDF format. You can read them online or print them out
on your own printer.Click here to see the list of documents.

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